Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bored Mets Fans Chant "Daniel Bryan" at Jayson Werth

Some interesting things can go down at Citi Field when it's the top of the ninth and the Mets are down by four. Say what you will about Mets fans, but there will still be some people in the crowd, even then. 

Granted, they'll be bored as shit, but they'll still be there. And between drowning their sorrows in Mex Burgers and starting drunk fights in the bathroom line, tonight some wiseass Mets fans found the time to chant "Daniel Bryan" while Kyle Farnsworth tried and failed to hold Jayson Werth to only 3 hits on the day.

Shitty "cell phone recording a TV" evidence below:

Funny, I always thought he looked more like Edge. 

The fans mustered up a mixed "Yes/No" chant too, until Farnsworth vs. Werth ended with an inevitable single. 

As is often the case with wrasslin fans these days, the chanters instantly fell in love with themselves and continued to bring the smarky noise. A scattered "CM Punk" chant died quickly (Fuck Punk - dirty Cubs fan) and was eventually followed by a pretty loud chorus of "We the People~!!" before cycling back to more D-Bry love.

And then the Mets went on to lose to the Nationals unceremoniously.

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